What is Clearstone™?

Clearstone is a specially formulated resin based system, which is water clear and non-yellowing. It can be applied to many types of natural stones including marble, limestone, Travertine, Sandstone etc. The coating is applied using specifically developed layers to afford the stones surface outstanding stain and chemical resistance. The coating is finished in either a matt "honed" natural finish or a high gloss.

Why should I use Clearstone™?

Marble and Limestone are composed of calcite which is highly sensitive to acid spills. Acid corrodes the surface and thus damages the polished or honed finish of the stone. Some marble and limestone can also be porous and susceptible to staining, even to the extent that water will leave marks on a marble or limestone top. Clearstone resin will totally protect these natural stones from all stains and etching as well as create a seamless and hygienic work surface.

I have used a stone sealer on my marble bench top, why won't this stop my top from staining or etching?

Stone sealers are absorbed by the natural stone as most natural stone except for granite is porous. Penetrating or impregnating sealers do not protect the surface of the stone as they sit beneath the surface. They will help protect a stone from staining for a limited time, but they will never protect a stone from etching. No stone sealer will guarantee against been stain proof, they will say that they are stain resistant. The stain resistants is based on time. That is, it will take a varying amount of time for the stone to stain depending on which type of sealer you use. Clearstone resin will never stain no matter how long something has been left on it. Sealers in general also need to be re-applied on average every 6 to 12 months.

My stone bench top is already badly stained, can it be fixed?

Yes, we can rejuvenate all porous stone tops back to there original pristine condition. Once we have done this we then apply our protective coating.

My stone bench top has chipped edges, Can these be fixed?

Yes, We can fill and coat any chipped edges of the stone, making the chips disappear. The protective coating will also help prevent any future chips from happening.

How long will my protective coating last?

Clearstone™ comes with a 10-year guarantee against stains and etching. We expect the resin coating to outlast the kitchen or bathroom cabinets the stone surface is sitting on. Clearstone™does not need to be re-applied periodically like a sealer does.
Clearstone™ is the only stone protection system in the world that will guarantee against your precious stone from etching. No stone sealer will guarantee against etching.

What is etching?

Etching is caused by acid or strong alkaline liquids coming into contact with natural stone that contains calcite. Marble and limestone are composed of calcite.
Most food and drink items are acidic and will cause the marble or limestone to etch. The higher the polished finish on the stone the more obvious the etching will appear.
The acid essentially corrodes or eats the surface of the stone. This is why impregnating or penetrating sealers will not stop stone from etching as the stones surface has not been protected from coming into contact with the acid based product.

What if my surface becomes scuffed or damaged after several years of use?

A simple light sand and polish will bring the coating back to new again. Should the surface become badly damaged in one spot it can be repaired seamlessly.

Will the coating affect the look of my stone surface?

No, the coating is a water clear and non-yellowing composite that only enhances the look of the stone.
It does not look artificial or plastic, the finish is either a natural “honed” matt finish or a high gloss.

Can I change the finish of my top from a high gloss to a matt finish?

Yes, we can very simply change the finish from a matt to a high gloss or vice versa by sanding and polishing the coating. This can be done numerous times before you affect the integrity of the coating.