Marble Coating

Marble Protection

The Clearstone™ resin coating system renders marble, limestone and travertine impervious to stains by liquid and other stain producing materials, whilst allowing the look and lustre of the natural stone to show through. In essence Clearstone turns marble, limestone and travertine into elegant working surfaces. Resin8 coatings are licensed applicators of the Clearstone™ coating system. Marble stains will no longer be a problem once we have applied Clearstone to your stones surface.

Clearstone is the perfect choice for marble restoration projects. We can remove stain and etching marks from the marble surface and guarantee they will not appear again.


  • Is a specially formulated resin coating system that comes with a 10 year Guarantee against stains and etching marks.
  • Is applied in layers over the stones surface to form a totally sealed impervious surface coating, which retains and enhances the stones texture. Fills cavities, cracks, veins and open pores, and covers over joints in the stone to form a seamless smooth bacteria free surface that is highly resistant to etching and scratching. Available from a matt "honed" natural finish to a full high gloss, that makes your Marble surfaces easy to clean and maintain. Is fire resistant and meets AS 1530 Surface Standard.
  • Is totally waterproof along with a high chemical/ stain resistance making it ideal for use in commercial bars and bathrooms.
  • Is the only stone protection in the world that will guarantee against etching.(etching is the name given to the corrosion of stone such as marble which is caused by the acid found in many common foods and drinks) No stone sealer in the world can make this claim.
  • Can be applied to any porous stone surface such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.
Eureka Tower bar coating

Before you apply any other type of stone protection, ask the manufacturer or applicator, if they can guarantee the product will stop etching of the stones surface. We can by using the ultimate in stone protection Clearstone™.

Architects and Designers can now specify exquisite stone surfaces for their projects without ever having to worry about ongoing maintenance because the stone has stained.

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